5 PS5 Trophies That Are Crushingly DIFFICULT

Are you a hardcore gamer looking for a challenge? Look no further than these five PS5 trophies that are notoriously difficult to attain. From mastering a game’s toughest boss battles to completing daunting obstacle courses, these achievements will put your skills to the ultimate test. But be warned, earning these trophies will require perseverance, determination, and a whole lot of patience. So, get ready to push your gaming skills to the limit and conquer these crushingly difficult PS5 trophies.

5 PS5 Trophies That Are Crushingly Difficult

The PlayStation 5 has been making huge waves in the gaming community since its release, with gamers eagerly exploring all its features and games. One feature of particular interest to gamers are the trophies that can be earned by completing various in-game challenges and objectives. However, some trophies are notoriously difficult, requiring hours of gameplay, immense skill, and significant luck to obtain. Here are five PS5 trophies that are crushingly difficult to get.

1. Shard Bearer Millennia – Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the latest upcoming action role-playing game by FromSoftware, and it features one of the toughest bosses in the game called Melania Blade of McKellar. To earn the Shard Bearer Millennia trophy, players must defeat this boss while having the maximum number of shards in their inventory, making it one of the most challenging trophies in the game.

2. Prodigal Child – Sifu

Sifu is a new martial arts action game that tells the story of a young Kung Fu expert seeking revenge for the death of his family. The Prodigal Child trophy can be earned by completing the game at 25 years of age or younger, making it one of the most challenging trophies on the PS5 console.

3. True Queen – Foreign God of War Ragnarok

Foreign God of War Ragnarok is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the True Queen trophy is going to be one of the game’s most challenging achievements. Players are required to gather the highest level armor and enchantments to have any chance of beating the challenge.

4. Sage’s Trophy – Demon Souls Remake

Demon Souls Remake is a classic game that has been remastered for the PS5, and it offers some of the most challenging trophies. The Sage’s Trophy is one of the toughest trophies in the game, requiring players to unlock all the spells in the game, which means multiple playthroughs with the same character to acquire every spell.

5. Untouchable – Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space Remake is an upcoming horror game, and the trophies are notoriously challenging, with the Untouchable trophy being one of the hardest of all. Players are required to beat the game on the hardest difficulty setting, while only having one chance to complete it.


The PS5 has some of the most challenging trophies ever seen in a video game, with players requiring immense skill and perseverance to obtain them. These five trophies offer a glimpse into what gamers will face when they dive into the PS5’s library of games. Don’t be afraid to tackle them head-on, though, as the sense of accomplishment when you finally earn them is priceless.


  1. What are PS5 trophies?
  • PS5 trophies are digital achievements earned by completing various in-game challenges and objectives.
  1. How do I earn PS5 trophies?
  • To earn PS5 trophies, players must complete in-game challenges and objectives, varying in difficulty and complexity.
  1. Are PS5 trophies important?
  • PS5 trophies are a symbol of achievement in the gaming world, and many gamers take pride in earning them.
  1. Can I see my PS5 trophies?
  • Yes, you can see your PS5 trophies by accessing your profile on the PS5 console.
  1. Are PS5 trophies worth the effort?
  • Many gamers believe that earning PS5 trophies is worth the effort, as it provides a sense of accomplishment and recognition among fellow gamers.
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