2022 Worlds Champions Queue has launched, who is on top of the leaderboards?

2022 Worlds Champions Queue has launched, who is on top of the leaderboards?


Will the legendary RJS finish above Faker in Champions Queue? Find out in our Worlds Champions Queue guide.

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner. 24 of the best teams in the world will battle it out for a chance at lifting the new summoners cup. While fans eagerly await esports biggest event of the year, players from across the globe have been getting their hands into North America’s Worlds Champions Queue.

Champions Queue was introduced at the start of 2022 to provide a better practice environment for North American players outside of the traditional solo queue. CQ provides a low ping 5v5 experience that is exclusive to professional LCS players, academy players, collegiate amateur players and selected high elo players who want to show off their skills against the region’s best.

Worlds Champions Queue top ten players

Position Player LP
1 FLY Philip 2044
2 CHF Dragku 2043
3 EST Strensh 2040
4 EJ jojopun 2037
5 IMT Chad 2035
6 TSM Tactical 2033
7 Pobelter 2030
8 MU Zyko 2026
T-9 UCI Berik 2025
T-9 TA Decoy 2025

Champions Queue already providing East vs West matchups

One of the great addition to this year’s World Championship is combining the successful Champions Queue solo queue experience and integrating the best players from across the globe into that ecosystem. With Eastern players having a torrid time with Western Soloque over the years, having Champions Queue should provide a better quality of life experience for travelling players.

Fans have already been treated to a fun mixture of Eastern players and Western players. Earlier this morning, fans got to see three DRX players, including Deft go up against LCS players Dhokla and CoreJJ. LCS caster CaptainFlowers has been casting the games on his stream in Spectator mode.

The Champions Queue top ten players will be updated daily as more games are played.

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