19 Photo-Realistic Horror Games Like P.T.


The sensational P.T. or Silent Hills appeared mysteriously and inconspicuously on the PlayStation Store as a free download in August of 2014. By the following April it would be taken down, never to return. In its short eight months of existence, though, P.T. would gain such infamy that it would become for many the standard for what horror games should be.

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Although it was only a playable teaser and the full game (Silent Hills) would never come to fruition (rumors that Hideo Kojima is working to release the title on PlayStation 5 are unconfirmed), it was an incredible experience. While gamers may never get to play P.T. again, and will probably never get to enjoy Silent Hills, that doesn’t mean they have to give up on the experience entirely. First-person horror experiences and photo-realistic ones are some of the most frightening of all.

Updated on October 22, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra: It’s a testament to P.T.’s incredible design and unique gameplay that fans are still talking about this amazing experience to this day. The title presented itself as a romp through a looping corridor where players needed to accomplish certain puzzles and uncover the mystery of the game itself.

The fact that this game was essentially a playable teaser that was meant to promote a new Silent Hill game served as a source of great joy to many players… which is why the decision to axe the new game and remove P.T. from PlayStation consoles drew the ire of many fans towards Konami. A big draw of P.T. was undoubtedly its photorealistic graphics, which made the game look even scarier at times. Here are some other horror titles that boast such impressive graphics too.


19/19 Resident Evil 3 Remake

  • Playable on:
    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Amazon Luna

Resident Evil 3 Remake is a game that was so faithful that many people considered that to be a drawback of sorts. The original game was considered to be a pretty short experience for many fans, and the remake decided to keep the core of the game intact instead of substantially expanding on everything that was present in the base experience.

That being said, there’s no denying that Resident Evil 3 Remake is still a blast to play through despite its limited runtime. The game looks absolutely beautiful, and Capcom pulled out all the stops to make the remake look absolutely breathtaking in certain moments.

18/19 The Evil Within 2

  • Playable on:
    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC​​​​​​

The Evil Within 2 is pretty much the perfect sequel, proving that Shinji Mikami still had many tools in his arsenal that he has yet to reveal. While the first Evil Within title was certainly great in its own right, there’s no denying that the game had many problems that needed to be ironed out.

So, it was nice to see a developer that actually listened to the fans and strove to improve the sequel across the board. The end result is The Evil Within 2 — a brilliant survival horror experience that looks absolutely beautiful as well!

17/19 Alan Wake

  • Playable on:
    PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

Remedy Entertainment is known for creating amazing narrative experiences along with third-person shooting gameplay that is pretty stylistic. Their work on Alan Wake was amazing and let this horror-thriller absolutely revel in its simple yet dread-inducing setting.

Players take on the role of a writer experiencing a creative block who gets thrust into a nightmare where his written stories come to life. It’s a great game, with the use of light as a weapon being pretty innovative and making the visuals of the game look all the more realistic and ominous.

16/19 Outlast

  • Playable on:
    PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The first Outlast game seemed like nothing more than another run-of-the-mill horror game that cashed in on the jumpscare fest that had become quite prevalent at the time. However, it’s when players experienced the game for themselves that they realized just how tightly-woven and eerie the entire game really was.

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It helped that the game’s graphics looked so amazing that most players were bound to be scared by the many horrors present within. Outlast might have a disappointing ending, but the journey more than makes up for what gamers perceived to be an unnecessary downer of an ending.

15/19 Resident Evil Village

  • Playable on:
    PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, PC

The latest title in the Resident Evil series is a wild ride that is full to the brim with action-packed set pieces reminiscent of Resident Evil 4. Ethan Winters’ story takes on a whole new direction that most Resident Evil fans consider to be quite promising.

Resident Evil Village might not be as good as its predecessor, but the game still has its own strengths in the horror department. This, coupled with its excellent graphics, make for a brilliant game that is a joy to play through.

14/19 Blair Witch

  • Playable on:
    PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

The Blair Witch Project was one of the most innovative horror films ever made, sparking the rise of a franchise that is still going strong to this day. The latest release in this series is the survival horror game Blair Witch, which is a treat for fans of scary games.

The atmosphere of this game is truly excellent, even though the gameplay itself can be rather underwhelming at times. However, players who manage to look past the game’s faults will find themselves enjoying an immensely scary and immersive experience.

13/19 Amnesia: Rebirth

The Amnesia series is easily one of the most popular horror franchises of all time. So, it was only a given that a perceived return to form for this series would be met with open arms.

The fittingly-titled Amnesia: Rebirth is a worthy sequel to the first Amnesia game, with its graphics being absolutely stellar. It’s this graphical fidelity that makes each and every moment in Amnesia: Rebirth extremely nerve-wracking.

12/19 Resident Evil 2 Remake

  • Playable on:
    PS4, Xbox One, PC

After some time away from the limelight, the Resident Evil series has taken back its crown as one of the best survival horror franchises out there. Capcom has been striking gold with this franchise in recent years, with Resident Evil 2 Remake being a great example.

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Taking over Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as players escape Raccoon City during an outbreak was a blast back in the day. The Remake definitely does this classic justice with amazing visuals and heart-pounding gameplay.

11/19 Alien: Isolation

  • Playable on:
    PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, PC

The Alien franchise didn’t have the best representation in the gaming industry for the longest time. Thankfully, the release of Alien: Isolation changed this fact by delivering a brilliant experience full to the brim with clever scares.

The fact that the Alien hunting down Amanda Ripley actually learns about the player’s hiding patterns and amends its surveillance accordingly is easily one of the scariest parts of the overall experience. Players need to amend their behavior and think on the fly to avoid the deadly embrace of the alien.

10/19 Visage

  • Playable on:
    PS4, Xbox One, PC

Visage can be considered the spiritual successor to the unrequited legacy that was P.T. After its cancelation, many copycats came out of the woodwork but none as promising (or as well-realized) as Visage. The setting, gameplay, and storyline bear tremendous similarities to P.T.

This game quite literally came together in an attempt to “fill the void left by this canceled game that everyone had wanted to play so bad,”according to SadSquare Studios’ Jonathan Vallières. The psychological survival horror game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

9/19 Hellseed: Chapter 1

Based in 1980s Italy, a doctor has gone missing, and the player takes the role of the detective tasked with finding him. Hellseed takes place in the doctor’s home, where all manner of evil follows —and finds— the detective. From the moment the front door opens and the familiarly oppressive atmosphere sets in, the lingering feeling of being watched will excite and terrify P.T. fans, in anticipation of what may be lurking in every dark corner.

Between the objects rotating themselves upside down, the blood running down the walls, and the jump scares rivaling those of The Last Of Us Part 2, this will certainly be a game for every horror fan to keep on their radar until the official release. Hellseed is currently in pre-alpha testing and can be downloaded for free on Steam for a limited time. The release of the completed game is currently set for Q1 2021.

8/19 The Beast Inside

Released in 2019 on PC, this Kickstarter-funded original game boasts stunning photo-realistic visuals. This semi-open world journey allows gamers to follow two protagonists, from separate eras, who solve the mysteries left within the forgotten Blackstone fortress. The psychological trickery of the game leaves players with a flurry of questions and a demand for more, just like genre classics such as the original Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

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Players will fight against some of the most terrifying forms of evil while the past is violently pulled into the present. Who can be trusted? How will anyone survive? The only way to find out is to press on.

7/19 The Sinner (Prologue)

The Sinner (Prologue) was an indie game in development that had its desires in the right place, but not its content. The game was available for download online but has since been removed, due to multiple claims of copyright infringement from various companies and franchises. Fans of the game enjoyed it for its visuals and atmosphere, but the developer fell foul of legal ramifications.

The complaints against the game were that it directly used assets from franchises like Beyond Two Souls, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and The Evil Within without permission. It’s unclear if the game will ever be revamped or if it will be frozen in time leaving only hopes of what could have been, just as P.T. did.

6/19 Once Upon A Time In Roswell

  • Playable on:
    PS4, Xbox One, PC

Also known as “The Peterson Case,” this psychological horror game delves into the fragility of the human mind while investigating the case of a missing family. While searching the house, the player must work through flashbacks involving the horrors of war and face otherworldly beings.

While this game offers many elements gamers loved about P.T. (primarily that of an unsettling house and a haunted presence), Once Upon A Time In Roswell offers so much more. It’s a unique combination of UFO encounters, first-person action, and supernatural occurrences.

5/19 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  • Playable on:
    PS4, Xbox One, PC

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the peak of the genre as far as photo-realistic horror games go. While the gameplay, subject matter, and environment are decidedly different from P.T., the experience is very much the same, if not more severe. Resident Evil 7 is playable without prior knowledge of the franchise and without needing any type of back story, meaning it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone game.

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The horror of the enemies leads the player to the realization that monsters don’t always have to appear grotesque and threatening or even be the trademark zombies, to be terrifying. Know when to hide and know when to fight back and there just might be a chance for survival. As in many horror titles, this is going to be a grim experience indeed for unfortunate protagonist Ethan Winters.

4/19 Martha Is Dead

  • Playable on:
    PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

This next-gen dark psychological horror is expected to haunt gamers’ dreams for decades to come.

Martha Is Dead takes place in the World War II era, with forces from both sides of the conflict closing in on the location of the protagonist as she looks for answers to her twin sister’s brutal murder. The game paints such a terribly dark and shockingly disturbing picture, rivaling that of P.T. and certainly warning away those who are faint of heart.

3/19 Home Sweet Home

  • Playable on:
    PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Initially designed as a mobile game, Home Sweet Home was released first in 2017. It offers approximately 3 hours of gameplay, in which the player tries to escape an apartment building while being constantly pursued by a phantasmal female following the disappearance of his wife.

While the gameplay will be short, it may provide the possibility of playing out a story similar to the one that was taken from gamers when P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store. The good news for those craving more playtime is that Home Sweet Home Episode 2 was released in 2019, with both games receiving a rather positive reception.

2/19 Infliction

  • Playable on:
    PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

For many gamers, Infliction is the title that everyone hoped P.T. would be. Released first in 2018, it tells the tale of a malevolent presence stalking the player around a dark suburban home while mysteries unravel in front of them.

This unsettling game captivates players with its eerie sounds, unpredictable experiences, and realistic visuals. The storyline is very similar to that of P.T. and the antagonist will give fans of the latter flashbacks of the worst kind.

1/19 Allison Road

  • Planned release:
    PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

No conversation about P.T. is complete without mention of Allison Road. It was among the first games to be announced after P.T./Silent Hills was declared to be canceled. The game began as a Kickstarter campaign, eventually abandoning that route for a publisher around 2015 (just a year after P.T.‘s cancelation). It featured a 13-minute pre-alpha gameplay video that blew P.T. fans away, with that same spirit perfectly captured by the developers.

Unfortunately, Allison Road would suffer a similar fate to that of P.T. and would be canceled by 2016. A few months later, as Engadget reported, developer Chris Kesler announced he and his wife would be forming their own development team (Far From Home) and they would produce the game on their own. Sadly, fans haven’t heard from them since.

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