15 Upcoming Games That Look So Good They Will Likely Bomb

Get ready to be disappointed as we take a look at 15 upcoming games that seem promising but may ultimately fail to deliver. From highly anticipated sequels to new IPs, these games have generated hype and excitement in the gaming community but could potentially fall short of expectations. So, before you get too excited, let’s dive into these titles and see why they might not live up to the hype.


When it comes to hype, the video game industry is no stranger. Many games are announced years before release, and fans hang on every bit of information that trickles out during that time. However, not all games are created equal. Some have ambitious mechanics, stunning art design, and intriguing stories that capture the imagination of players. Others, unfortunately, fall short of expectations, whether it’s due to issues with gameplay, buggy releases, or even internal development problems. In this article, we’ll take a look at fifteen upcoming games that look so good they will likely bomb, exploring what makes them stand out and why they may not deliver on their promises.

1. Neo Berlin 2087

Neo Berlin 2087 is a cinematic RPG that promises a deep and immersive experience set in a dystopian future. The game has an impressive art style and unique narrative, but early reviews have mentioned issues with shoddy framerate and lumbering animations. This may detract from the overall experience, making it frustrating to play and causing it to fail to meet expectations.

2. Project Awakening

Project Awakening is a high fantasy action RPG that has been in development for several years. There is little information available about the game, which may already be a red flag for prospective players. With high expectations and limited information, the pressure is on for project Awakening to not only be a AAA title but also exceed player expectations.

3. Project RE: Return Embryo

Project RE: Return Embryo is an RPG set in modern-day South Korea with stunning graphics and intricate gameplay. However, the game is developed by a team of just six people, which leads to concerns about what may be sacrificed in the name of production. When you have a small team working on an ambitious project such as this, some crucial features may be left out which could result in the game falling short of expectations.

4. Nobody’s Left

Nobody’s Left is a morally ambiguous game of survival and stealth mechanics. While still in development, it is unclear when the game will be released. If it does get released expect it to be a slow burn in terms of production and player excitement. A few setbacks could result in the game being canceled.

5. Ill

Ill is an upcoming first-person horror game that pits players against savage monsters in tight, dimly lit corridors. The game has a promising aesthetic, but it could end up being generic horror blip with overly dramatic scenes with predictable gameplay.

6. Project TH

Project TH is an ultra-realistic action stealth game from a well-established South Korean developer. The game looks fantastic, but we’ve seen time and time again that visually stunning games can sometimes become dull and repetitive quickly. It’s important to keep in mind that while visuals and graphics can be impressive, gameplay is ultimately what will keep players coming back.

7. Echoes of the End

Echoes of the End is a fantasy action-adventure game that is still shrouded in mystery with no official story details released. It has an ambitious concept and an impressive visual representation, but players need to know more about the game before investing their time and money.

8. Quantum Error

Quantum Error is a cosmic horror FPS that is already hugely accomplished. With breathtaking graphics, this game presents a nightmare scenario that will tantalize the imaginations of even the most jaded gamers. However, with a genre as unforgivable as FPS, even small issues can turn the game into a dud fast.

9. The Bird That Drinks Tears/Project Winless

This game is based on a Korean fantasy novel series that presents a visceral, nightmare world. Despite this, the game is running into issues with development and may never see the light of the day unless the developers can address these issues.

10. Witches of the New World

Witches of the New World is a 17th-century witch-hunting game with elements drawn from Dark Souls. With such an ambitious concept, the game may have trouble captivating players, becoming too niche to carve its place in the gaming landscape.

11. Night Crows

Night Crows is a medieval MMORPG that may prove too ambitious for Western audiences. With massive scope, the game may end up being elusive, problematic, or inaccessible for many gamers.

12. Project E

Project E is a dark fantasy game with an intricate storyline set in a beautifully realized landscape. It is part of a roster of five upcoming games from ncsoft. It is a beautifully realized game, but the concept is a bit too niche, and the gameplay may not click right away.

13. Blight Survival

Blight Survival is a cooperative experience of up to four players set in an alternate 14th century. However, the game may have a hard time getting players’ attention with many similar games already existing in the market, and it may not have a unique enough hook to stand out.

14. Repo Man

Repo Man is an Art Nouveau-era city-based game about being a debt collector and detective. With a bit of occult, the game sounds interesting, but the premise may fall flat on the implementation end. There is also the risk of creating an overly frustrating gaming experience that drives players away.

15. Pioneer

Pioneer is an action MMORPG that’s about survival and exploration within a dangerous world with zombified enemies and mutant creatures. With its intriguing premise, the game is bound to receive a lot of attention. However, it could become an overly frustrating gaming experience that drives the players away with difficult survival mechanics.


While all of these upcoming games have potential, it’s also possible that they will fall short of our expectations. Whether it’s due to issues with development, budget constraints, or unrealistic aspirations, there are many factors that could cause these games to fail. We’ll have to wait and see which games will manage to deliver on their promises and become hits, and which ones will bomb.


  1. What is the risk of pre-ordering games that have not yet been released?
    A. When you pre-order a game that is still in development, there is a risk that it may not meet your expectations when it is finally released. It’s better to wait for reviews or more information about the game before committing to a purchase.

  2. Why do so many highly anticipated games end up being disappointments?
    A. There are many reasons why highly anticipated games can fall short of expectations. Perhaps the game was overhyped, and it couldn’t possibly live up to the expectations. Alternatively, the game may have been rushed in development, resulting in bugs or other issues that affect gameplay.

  3. Should gamers be more skeptical about pre-release hype for upcoming games?
    A. Gamers should be more discerning about pre-release hype for upcoming games. While it’s understandable to be excited about a highly anticipated game, it’s important to temper those expectations until more information has been released.

  4. Is it worth buying a game that has received mixed reviews?
    A. Whether or not it’s worth buying a game that has received mixed reviews depends on your personal preferences. If the issues that reviewers have noted are dealbreakers for you, then it may not be worth your time and money. However, if you’re willing to overlook those issues, then it may still be worth playing.

  5. Can too much hype be a bad thing for a game’s success?
    A. Yes, too much hype can be a bad thing for a game’s success. If a game is overhyped, it can create unrealistic expectations in players, making it impossible for the game to live up to the hype. It can also lead to backlash if the game doesn’t meet the expectations of fans.

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