15 BIG Exclusive Games That Were Complete Disasters

In the world of gaming, nothing is more disappointing than a highly anticipated game that fails to meet expectations. Some games have even been complete disasters that have left players frustrated and angry. In this blog post, we will dive into 15 big exclusive games that were supposed to be amazing, but ultimately turned out to be major letdowns. Stick around to find out which games made the list.


Gaming is an industry that continues to grow, evolve and produce new content for eager players. Console exclusives are a big reason why fans choose one platform over another. Some of the highly anticipated exclusives fail to fulfill their promises and end up as complete disasters. In this article, we’ll delve into 15 of the biggest exclusives that failed miserably.

The Top 15 Big Exclusive Games That Were Complete Disasters

In this section, let’s look at 15 console exclusives that failed to meet expectations.

1. Redfall

“Redfall” was an upcoming Xbox exclusive from Bethesda Game Studios. It promised to be an open-world co-op first-person shooter set in a vampire-infested island town of Redfall. However, the game was delayed and then canceled. Microsoft announced in late 2021 that the IP was entirely dropping in favor of other projects. The anticipation for “Redfall” was high, but developer turnover, and poor quality assurance handling made the hype run out of steam before the release.

2. Crackdown 3

“Crackdown 3” was an exclusive game that took years to develop. When it finally came out in 2019, it failed to live up to its hype. Players complained about poor graphics, stale gameplay, and repetitive missions. Despite featuring the popular Terry Crews as one of the characters, the game failed to make a significant impact.

3. Knack

“Knack” was a PlayStation 4 exclusive that promised to be a great new IP for Sony. The game starred a character made up of individual parts that came together to form his body. However, the game was criticized for its generic story, repetitive gameplay, and lack of originality. It did see success in its sequel, “Knack II,” but most agree that this was another title that was quickly forgotten.

4. The Order 1886

“The Order 1886” is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that promised players an alternate history take on Victorian London where knights battle against vampires. The game was praised for its visuals, but its short length and lack of engaging gameplay turned off many fans. Players completed the game in just six to seven hours and were left to speculate what could have been with this interesting concept.

5. Haze

When “Haze” was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, it had the attention of the gaming community. The game promised to be a first-person shooter that pushed the boundaries of the genre. Unfortunately, it failed to deliver any of its promises. Players found the game to be unremarkable, with bland characters and repetitive gameplay. The game’s reception was so poor that it ended up marking the downfall of the development studio, Free Radical Design.

6. Destruction All-Stars

“Destruction All-Stars” was a PlayStation 5 exclusive that promised to be an exhilarating mix of Twisted Metal and Rocket League. The game involved players driving vehicles and causing destruction to other racers to come out on top. Unfortunately, the gameplay was not as exciting as initially advertised, and the title bombed at launch.

7. The Inpatient

“The Inpatient” is a PlayStation VR game that promised to make excellent use of virtual reality and immerse players in a horror story. Unfortunately, the game’s foregone storyline and lack of engaging gameplay made it a lousy experience for most players. It never found its footing, and the title was forgotten after it was released.

8. Drawn to Death

“Drawn to Death” was an exclusive PlayStation 4 game that promised to be a new collaboration between artist David Jaffe and Sony. The game was set inside a student’s notebook. Unfortunately, the gameplay felt unfinished, and the humor was juvenile and cringy. Players criticized its barebones gameplay, leaving it quickly forgotten.

9. Basement Crawl

“Basement Crawl” is a PlayStation exclusive that was launched on the Playstation 4 during its early days. The game promised to be an exciting multiplayer title that featured explosive combat. Unfortunately, the game’s visuals were poor, the gameplay was unpolished at best, and the title was widely criticized for being slow and clunky.

10. Crimson Dragon

“Crimson Dragon” was an Xbox One exclusive that promised to be a fantastic spiritual successor to the popular “Panzer Dragoon” series. The game suffered from subpar controls, unresponsive gameplay, and repetitive missions. It failed to gain any traction with players, leading it to be another forgotten title.

11. Godfall

“Godfall” was a PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive that promised to be a visually stunning and action-packed game set in a fantasy world. The gameplay loop seemed to be repetitive, with many players complaining that the game was dull and lacking innovation, leading to it quickly losing momentum.

12. The Quiet Man

“The Quiet Man” was a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive game that promised to be a unique sensory experience that blended live-action and CG game elements. Unfortunately, it suffered from poor voice acting, bland graphics, and uninspired combat. The antipathy towards the title led it to be ridiculed rather than embraced.

13. Anthem

“Anthem” was an action role-playing game that promised players an epic story in an open-world environment. Unfortunately, despite the game having an impressive concept and great graphics, the game was plagued with numerous technical problems, lack of content, and an empty world that made the game unplayable for many fans. Sales of the game were poor, which caused it to be canceled, despite plans for future content.

14. Agents of Mayhem

“Agents of Mayhem” was a game that promised to be a funny and enjoyable game filled with over-the-top action. Unfortunately, the game was criticized for its boring story, frustrating mission design, and repetitive gameplay. The game was received poorly by critics and gamers, leading to the game’s failure.

15. Lawbreakers

When “Lawbreakers” was announced as a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive, it was greeted with excitement. The game promised fast-paced multiplayer action and was created by Cliff Bleszinski, a legendary game designer. Unfortunately, the game didn’t live up to its promises, and it quickly lost momentum and fell behind its competitors, leaving it forgotten.


Console exclusives play a significant role in the gaming industry, and while many of them are successful, some are complete disasters. These fifteen examples give players a look at the worst console exclusives that have ever been released, and they save players effort and money by steering clear of them.


  1. What makes a good exclusive game?
  • It’s subjective from player preferred genre, personal content taste, or how a game is marketed.
  1. Why do some exclusives fail despite having great concepts?
  • They may suffer from poor execution, technical glitches, limited marketing, or overpricing.
  1. Do exclusives that fail miserably have a chance of being successful?
  • Yes. They can be reworked, revamped, or have sequels with improvements to make them better.
  1. Why are exclusives so important to the gaming industry?
  • Exclusives encourage gamers to choose one console over another and provide the console with an identity.
  1. What should gamers keep in mind when buying an exclusive game?
  • Gamers should always research the game before purchase, look at different reviews, consider if the gameplay encompasses what they’re looking for, and price comparison of the title to avoid regretting it later.
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